The true value of conversations

I’d hoped to have time to write a lengthier blog post, but deadlines on projects seem to be falling all at once this week.

One of the things I’ve been doing quite a bit of recently is meeting and connecting with lots of new people locally as well as through social media. As a freelancer and entrepreneur, this is practically a necessity to gain business and personal contacts, but also to keep my sanity. None of this comes easy, being naturally an introvert, so I wrote down some notes last week about my feelings with interactions at coffee shops and networking events. Rather than string these thoughts into a blog post, I decided to just piece them together into a short poem:

Being connected,
Creating ideas,
Blending worldviews,
Understanding other people’s lives,
and how they intertwine with our own,
Its beautiful.

Create wealth, don’t seek it

Too many of us graduate and think finding a job is the only way to make money. We forget how that money in a job is allocated to us in the first place. There’s some business model in place at your potential job, and to keep the money coming in, they hire you to a role they already have mapped out as to what exactly needs to be done. By you filling that role, they can keep the stream of money flowing because they see where work needs to be done to keep growing profits. But if something changes (market fluctuations, unpredictable consumer trends, a housing bubble), then all of a sudden a dam is placed in front of the flow of money, making it difficult to pay you and thus layoffs or pay-cuts happen. That’s why there are unspoken office politics in many companies where employees attempt to get on the good side of managers; because when a ship is sinking, you want to be as close as you can with the captains so you can claim your spot on the remaining lifeboats.

Someone had to come up with the idea originally for the service or product that is being provided where you are working. If you could come up with a similar service or product, then you could also create this system where people are doing jobs for specific purposes to grow the original idea. That’s what being an entreprenuer is. Its creating these systems of wealth generation which may give way to jobs that people end up seeking to make money.

The struggling job market right now should not be seen as a bad thing, but simply as a sign that there needs to be more innovation. New products and services need to be made so wealth can be generated and more money can start flowing again. We should embrace this struggle and see it as a big opportunity to create positive changes in the world.

Especially those who are new graduates of this generation — we need to create, build and find new ways of doing things. Because if we do, we can shape the services and products of our future as well as how we make a living.