We are born to create

I had a conversation tonight that made me think very deeply about the importance of time and how very limited it truly is to us.

It touched me in such a way that I can only relate in the form of a short poem:
I’m torn between two worlds. The familiar and the exciting. They all look in, judge, admire, wonder, wish, and wait. They see and they try to understand. You try to explain, but it’s futile. Sometimes there’s no explanation for the way things are or how they’re meant to be. You feel in your heart a feeling so strong, that it becomes impossible to explain or relate it to others. Explanations are futile. They’ll look at you in denial. Something’s wrong. Gossip about this drama of something so unique because their lives are so plain, ordinary. They cry for something more, but are trapped. The invisible bonds of safety, familiarity, sameness. But we are born to create — to bring something into this world that wasn’t there before just like how we come into it. It’s the essence of life.

Everything in our world that we know of has come from some initial innovation or idea — because someone created something where there was nothing.

If you’re not creating, start. I keep thinking about all the great projects I’ve come across and there’s only one thing these others are doing that I’m not — creating. I may be working, developing, and being generally busy, but I’m not creating. I’m not innovating, thinking of new solutions, imagining a new possibility.

A common thread this year that has followed me from all the interactions and conversations I’ve had is the importance of taking action on something rather than simply talking about it. An idea is only an idea, an invisible thought, until you do something about it. It’s never too late to start. Like my friend Jochen even said earlier this year at Ignite Fort Collins #7:

Create more. Even for just 15 minutes a day.

What are you creating?