Don’t Set 2012 New Year Resolutions — BE Them.


We ring in a new year, full of energy, full of life, full of strong new intentions. We water the seeds of our desires for the new year, bringing life to our most dormant dreams. A magnificent dawn of possibilities and opportunities.

I will lose weight this year.
I will be more kind this year.
I will take up Yoga and/or a mind/body healing practice this year.
I will give more than I receive this year.
I will see life through a glass half full and not half empty.
I will learn from others as much as I teach.

Life doesn’t come to us as we sit here waiting for it and planning. Life comes OUT OF US.

From our hearts out into this world, then back inside to live the experience. Like the endless cycle of blood circulating our veins or the breath filling oxygen in our lungs.

This year, 2013, BE your intention. Replace “I will” with “I am” and keep moving towards it.

I am healthy.
I am happy with my weight.
I am a kind and loving mother/father.
I am an early bird who gets up to the sunrise and keeps a natural balance with my circadian rhythm.
I am grateful for all I have in this life.
I am complete in every way.
I am capable of achieving my dreams.

Make this a year to not just plan and do, but to transform. Like a caterpillar going through a metamorphosis, open your wings and FLY like a butterfly. You already ARE that butterfly; capable of taking flight when you are ready.

Happy and Peaceful New Years to everyone!