Start your Day with a Positive Intention :)

Positive Intention

Your Intention can be your most powerful Tool.

When you use it to set positivity. To set a Positive Intention. To be with that Intention. To actually believe in it. You create positivity within yourself. You may not know exactly how things will manifest, but if you can truly believe in that Intention: You should make it. You should set it. You should believe it.

So start every morning off with a Positive Intention.

I got this from my great friend Akshay. I thought it was a brilliant way to integrate this into your life practically.

It starts with something so simple. Park your car in reverse in your garage. Back in instead of pulling in. Now when you drive out in the morning. When you start your day. When you go to work. When you go to wherever it is you’re going today. You start off going forward. You start off going into that Intention. You don’t go backward. You don’t look at the past. The past is just but a memory. When we are sitting there in our cars, and going forth in our day. It will begin with that Positive Intention that we set. We will see the garage door open up in front of us. The light slowly peer in. In some ways our own personal Sunrise.

We wake up sometimes and we don’t even get a chance to see it. Maybe it’s been too late, maybe it’s been too early. But if the Sun is there, we can allow it to be ours.

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As that garage door pulls open over your car, you see the open space out in front of you. That free space is for your Intention to fill as you move forward out into the world. That’s how you’ve decided to start this day. Forward. With your Positive Intention.

Don’t forget to Smile :)