Thankful for turkey

Our Turkey on Thanksgiving. Om nom nom nom.


Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday if you think about it. It brings together families from different parts of the country together who may not have even seen each other for a long time or all year– just for the sake of enjoying a meal together over the dinner table. The holiday isn’t about buying others gifts or getting cards. It isn’t about shooting off fireworks and making grand gestures. It’s simply about gratitude and giving thanks to those who are closest to you in your life.

In our fast-paced and digitally connected world, we run from activity to activity, from meeting to meeting, and forget sometimes to slow down and be present with those around us. We’ve forgotten in some respect how nice it can be to just have everyone around the same table passing each other food and enjoying a meal together.

This year I was so happy to spend Thanksgiving morning helping to cook the turkey and the side dishes. Food always tastes better when you’ve put your own energy into making it and feeling the gratitude from others as they enjoy the fruits of your labor.

This weekend also means a lot to me because almost exactly a year ago today I told my family I wanted to take the leap and focus on the company I co-founded with my friend Kunjan; so I put in my notice and started on the uncertain path of working for myself. Typically when you take leaps, the conventional wisdom is what you are doing is high risk. After a year, I firmly believe it would have been more risky to stay at my previous job than create my own path. My situation may be unique, but we all should attempt to venture every now and then into that area of uncertainty. It seems scary, maybe even paralyzing, but the fear of the unknown is almost always unjustified. The more you push that comfort zone, the more possibilities and opportunities that start to open up to you. I believe this to be true in business as well as life.

This Thanksgiving I’m grateful for all the passionate individuals who have touched my life this year and shared their positive energy with me. I’m thankful for all the great friends and family I have had the time to spend with. And I’m thankful for a change I’m seeing in the world that is allowing for more innovation and opportunities that probably didn’t even exist a decade ago. This decade is truly a time when you can reasonably pursue something you’re passionate about without having to make some of the more painful sacrifices of the past. All it takes is a thirst for knowledge, a drive to dream about doing things bigger than yourself, and the will to follow through on what you plan to actually do.

We all have our inner wisdom to share with each-other, with our community, with the world. Even knowing that others care about you and you care about them can mean the world. This is what the essence of Thanksgiving is all about. At the heart of it, we are all humans and Thanksgiving allows us to remember to share our kindness and compassion.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and continue to share your gratitude even after the holidays.